Friday, December 9, 2011

Leaving Soon

As I prepare to soon leave New York City, I have found myself somewhat sad of what I will be leaving behind. It truly has been a great year. Not that there haven’t been moments where I really missed my family and friends back home, but I believe that living here has helped me to grow up. I have grown professionally and I have grown as a part of a new family I found here up North.

My Aunt and Uncle took me in last year when I moved here and made me part of their family. I didn’t know them very well then and we didn’t exactly have a relationship. However, now they are not only my family, but my friends as well. A relationship I plan on keeping up – coming to visit them and having them come to visit me. Not only did they take me under their wing, but also my Aunt’s entire family adopted me as though I was one of their own – and I now consider myself just that.

So when I say how excited I am to be moving back closer to my family and friends, there is a hint of sadness as I leave behind my Northern family. I will truly miss them and being able to be apart of all their family gatherings. I thank them for opening their hearts and homes to allow me in – they are forever part of my life now.

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