Thursday, June 27, 2013

And...We Have Kitchen Chairs

Slowly but surely I am furnishing my apartment. The one big piece of furniture I am still missing is a kitchen table and chairs. Recently I found some great kitchen chairs for sale on Craigslist. After I talked the seller down $15, i met her to pick up the chairs (with a friend and in a public place of course). I'm pretty excited about the chairs for several reasons...
  1. The interesting style of them. They are definitely not your traditional chair, but that's what I like most about them. White rod iron with fabric covered seats.
  2. The fabric that came on the seats actually goes with my decor very well. 
  3. I got 6 chairs...for only $45!
  4. All of them are the same except for one. One has arms which means I can easily use it elsewhere if I decide it doesn't fit with the table I get.
Now all I need is a table. I have my heart set on a cheap table that I can paint yellow!

An up close of the chair.

All 6 of the chairs.

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